Best cell phone bugging software | What apps should you choose to bug a mobile phone?

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bug a cell phone

Cell phone bugging software is a small app which when installed onto a particular smart phone allows you to intercept that phone’s communications (text messages, gps location). This type of software is becoming pretty popular because it allows you to know the real deal about a person.

Two common uses of cell phone bugging software are to determine if your partner is cheating or whether your child is being led down the wrong path (e.g. drugs, skipping school etc). In reality adults and children lie and although they tell you one thing the truth is usually another. By monitoring their cell phone activities you will start to realise what the truth is. For example take a common feature which allows you to intercept text messages. It would be no surprise if you eventually discovered an incriminating sms message which will prove your lover is unfaithful.

What can I monitor with cell phone bugging software?

Basically you can intercept any phone communication you wish when you decide to bug a mobile phone. This includes tapping the cell phone (listening into phone conversations); making a spy phone call (listening to the surroundings of the mobile), gps tracking and more. What makes the difference is the program you choose. Your choice is should be based on what you think will get the job done. If the person you wish to monitor tends to text a lot then a basic spy software would work. However if they typically talk on the phone then you would need a more advance application which can capture the phone calls so you can hear exactly what is going on.

The price will obviously change according to the features therefore the more you want to know then the more you will have to pay. You can pay as little $49.99 or as high as $499.99 depending on what cell phone bugging features you wish to have.

What cell phone bugging apps should I choose?

There is no hard and fast rule but as mentioned earlier the app should allow you to capture enough information that you will know what is going on. It must also be reliable and reasonably priced for the features which you will acquire. The key thing before purchasing anything is to ensure that the software used is compatible with the phone you are monitoring. If that is not the case then you won’t be able to bug the cell phone and would have wasted your money.

There are three general purpose mobile phone bugging apps recommended and there are separated in basic, medium range and advance bugging.



Spybubble-This is a basic cell phone bugging software which contains the most critical features to discover the truth behind the person in question. Its cost is affordable and it is within the reach of everyone hence it is no surprise it is the fasted selling phone surveillance app on the market today.

Features: intercepting text messages, gps tracking, phone call logging and phone book details

Phones: Blackberry, Android (e.g. HTC, Samsung), Symbian (e.g. Nokia), Window Mobile, iphone

Price: $49.99

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Mobistealth – Mid range cell phone surveillance program which is available in Lite, Pro and Prox packages. The lite containing the least amount of features and the Prox containing the most.

Features: text message spying, call logging, video logging, picture logging, email spying, reverse phone look up service, gps tracking, spy phone calling and cell phone tapping (only available on Android)

Phones: Blackberry, Android, iphone, Nokia, Symbian and Samsung galaxy tablet

Price Range: $39.99 to $ 199.99USD

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Flexispy – An advance cell phone bugging software which is available in a Lite, Pro and Prox version similar to Mobistealth. The difference between them is that it can tap every cell phone in its repertoire. Currently this is the most sought after program in the surveillance industry.

Features: text message spying, call logging, video logging, picture logging, email spying, reverse phone look up service, gps tracking, spy phone calling and cell phone tapping

Phones: Blackberry, Android (e.g. HTC, Samsung), Symbian (e.g. Nokia), Window Mobile, iphone

Price Range: $149.99 to $ 199.99

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Cell phone bugging software – How to bug a cell phone and spy on all communications

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mobile phone bugging softwarePeople who bug a cell phone typically are interested in determining the truth about someone. This can be a child, suspect or even an employee. If they are hiding something from you then you are almost guaranteed to find out what it is by monitoring their mobile phone communications.

To start your cell phone surveillance you will need to obtain an app which will enable you to capture the phone’s activity. These apps are referred to as cell phone bugging software. Once installed onto a particular phone you can see virtually every single thing which is happening on with that phone you are monitoring. This is however limited in how much you wish to invest in your surveillance because apps can have simple features which will allow you to on text messages or as complex to allow you to listen into phone conversations.

When you are looking to bug a cell phone it is best to choose an app which can get you the information you need. You should never cut corners because the benefit of knowing far outweighs any price which you maybe paying.

How do I get started bugging a cell phone?

Everything starts with choosing the right spy app for the job. Typically to narrow it down you must decide whether you are going for basic or advance features first. After you have narrowed down that selection then you must ensure that the software actually works with the phone you wish to monitor. If the mobile phone bugging app does not then you have to choose another product even if it means less functionality than you wish. After you have decided on which product you will go with then it is time to register.
The registration process is the first step you take to bug a cell phone, it takes few minutes and during this time you will create a special user account. This account is where  you will see all the information captured such as text messages, gps locations, blackberry messenger chat and more. Your next move will be installing the software onto the phone you wish to monitor. It takes a short time and the procedure is no different than installing any other regular app. When this is completed you can go to your account and view activities intercepted or dial into the phone and listen to calls while in progress.

What are the best software to use to bug a cell phone?

When you are bugging a cell phone it really comes down to the type of software you wish when dealing with basic features then it best to go with Spybubble. It offers the most critical features you will need which are text messages interception, mobile phone gps tracking, call logging and phone book detail. For less than $50.00 USD you can start monitoring virtually any smart phone (blackberry, iphone etc) and get the results you need. For more information about Spybubble you can .

If you want to go high tech then you would need an app like Flexispy. This is one of the few products around which actually allow you to tap a cell phone which means you can hear every gory detail of what is happening with the person. Other features include the ability to read someone’s text messages, track them via gps, listen to the surroundings of the call, spy on blackberry messenger and more. The great part of this software is that the customer service is through live chat so there is no email or ticket system. Therefore when you are trying to bug a cell phone and run into difficulty you will get your answer right there and then.

If you would like to find out more about Flexispy then .

Blackberry bugging apps | What is the best software to bug a Blackberry phone?

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blackberry spywareBlackberry bugging software, which is sometimes known as Blackberry spyware are apps which are used to monitor this particular smart phone secretly. It can be used to eavesdrop on cell phone conversations, intercept text messages, monitor blackberry messenger communications and virtually anything you can think about. It all depends on what you would like to spy on as well as your pocket. Therefore when choosing an app you should definitely make sure that you will be able to get all the information you are looking for. Therefore if the person uses Blackberry messenger often then you would need to ensure you purchase a Blackberry bugging app which can spy on Blackberry messenger. If not you may be missing out on critical details because you cannot monitor that particular service.

What are the best apps when dealing with bugging a Blackberry phone?

When you are looking to bug a cellphone everything starts with determining what features will get the job done for you. For example, typically spying on someone’s text messages is usually effective in finding out details about the person. However when dealing with a bb it is sometimes better to monitor bbm chat especially if this is the typical method of communication; otherwise you would definitely miss out on important details. You will have to decide which type of app is best for you.

When you are considering purchasing a Blackberry bugging app the two best choices you have are Spybubble and Mobistealth. In terms of simplicity and price nothing can beat Spybubble because for under $50.00 you will be able to monitor Blackberry text messages, track the Blackberry location, review the call log and also look at the phone contact list. These are the key features you would want when you are monitoring any person’s cell phone. The favorite function in this application is the gps tracking in which you will be able to view a map of the person’s location. This means if your love one is supposed to be at point A and they are at point B you will know something is up and also where to find them.

For more information on Spy bubble you can

If you however need some more power under the hood then you would need the Mobistealth application. It has the same features as Spy bubble however it is able to monitor Blackberry messenger, intercept emails, listen to the surroundings and much more. This is truly an advanced Blackberry bugging software. It may cost more but will definitely pay in the long run.

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Iphone bugging software – How to bug an iphone to monitor this smart phone activities

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iphone bug

Bugging an iphone can definitely help you when it comes to discovering whether someone is hiding something from you or not. This is because you will be able to monitor various communications and activities such as text messages, calls made and received, gps locations and much more. It is not just one spy feature but the combination enables you to really determine what the truth about the situation. When you are deciding to purchase an iphone bugging app it is best to look at one which will have the necessary features you think will help you get the job done.

You do not need to bug an iphone with an app which contains a lot of features when something simple will be adequate. This goes vice versa in which you should not use a simple cell phone bugging app when in fact you need one with advance capabilities. Although money is sometimes a factor you should take into consideration what could be the result of not knowing the truth. Paying the few extra bucks may save you alot of hassle and trouble in the long run.

What is needed to bug an iphone?

There are no technical skills required to use an iphone spy app, matter a fact you only need to know how to install a regular program on the smart phone. There is only one restriction which will definitely prevent you from bugging an iphone and that is if it is not jail broken. You must jailbreak the iphone if it was not done prior in order to install surveillance apps on it.

Once that is done it only take a moment to download, install and setup the software. After completion you will be able to intercept and see every single communication sent and received by that phone. You would just need to log onto your web account with your security name and password and everything will be revealed to you.

What are some recommended iphone bugging apps?

As mentioned earlier everything depends on two things and that is what features you would like and also your pocket. In terms of a basic cell phone spy application nothing can beat Spybubble. It contains just the right amount of features to get the job done at an affordable price. Theses include:

In terms of functionality and affordability nothing is better.

If you would like to find out more information about Spy bubble

If you are looking for advanced features when you bug an iphone then it is best to take a look at Flexispy. It has the same functions as Spybubble however you will also be able to intercept emails; tap the iphone and also listen in on cell phone calls of the person. When you take these things into consideration then there is really nothing that person can hide from you.

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Basic cell phone bugging – Quick guide on phone spy apps you can find for under $100.00

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cell phone bugLet’s face it, not everyone will be able to afford the top of the line cell phone bugging software. Those who can may not need to because they may find that the basic features such as intercepting text messages is enough to find out what they need to know. Of course the more functions your cell phone surveillance app has the more you will be able to discover. It is really cool to be listening in on a phone call or the surroundings of a mobile however everything comes with a price. The ultimate question you will have when bugging a mobile phone is whether all of these functions are necessary.

If you are looking for an affordable app  then this tutorial will give you a brief review of the two best cell phone bugging software on the market today. Although you are looking for something inexpensive it does not mean you will have to be stuck with something which is inferior. All of these apps which have been listed in this review are known not only for their price but also for their stability. Once installed onto the mobile they will get the job done.

What are my choices in apps to bug a cell phone?

Spy bubbleWhen it comes to the basic needs for phone surveillance no app can beat Spy bubble. It is actually the most popular software on the market today. Its features includes intercepting text messages, call logging, mobile phone gps tracking and phone contact detailing. Although these are a few features the fact remains that they are the most critical when you are spying on someone. By just reading someone’s text messages you will be able to ascertain whether your employee is robbing you blind  or whether your child is becoming involved in drugs or worst. Many person’s send sms messages as a means of secretly communicating. However since Spybubble captures the message you will know immediately what they have hiding. The cost for this app is $49.99USD for a lifetime.

If you would like more details about this product then please

mobile spyThe second most popular app is known as Mobile spy it costs between $49.97 and $99.99USD. In terms of bang for buck this is definitely the program for you. For starters it allows you to spy on three separate devices with one subscription. Therefore for people who need to monitor more than one device this is pretty useful. If you decide to go with the one year subscription you will be entitled to a subscription of Sniper spy which is a computer monitoring program. This means you will get more information since you will not be only bugging a mobile phone but also a computer as well. The features included with Mobile spy are sms interception, call logging, gps tracking, picture recording, video logging, calender monitoring and more. As you can see it offers quite a bit more features than its competitor and in the right circumstances can be a better buy. Another plus is that customer service is via the phone therefore you can speak to someone when you have queries or issues about this product.

If you need more information about Mobile spy phone bugging app then

How to spy on Android text messages remotely?

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android sms spyIf you are interested in spying on Android text messages then your best bet would be cell phone bugging software. These programs are referred to by several different names online which include text message monitoring apps or an Android sms spy app. No matter what it is called the purpose is to fulfil a function of retrieving copies of the messages sent back and forth. This is not restricted only to text messages but you may also capture emails, phone call history and even Whatsapp messenger chat.  Once installed an Android text message spy app runs completely undetected by the smart phone user.

It will then proceed to record and then upload all of the Android phone data it was designed for onto a secure online account. Even if the person decides to cover their tracks and delete the sms messages or any other transmission that would make no difference. This is because the software will already have a copy. This solution is a far superior one to the previous method of monitoring android text messages. Prior to sms surveillance software you would literally have to snoop through the smart phone in order to view its communications.

The problem with this method is that the person could easily cover his tracks by erasing anything that would get them into trouble.  Another issue is that if they do know you spy on their Android text messages then there is a good chance that the person would stop communicating things through this channel. Remember these programs work in stealth so the only way the individual would know about one on their smart phone is if you tell them yourself. Now that you have a background on this type of technology then you may be curious of which software would best suit you.

Right now two of the leading Android phone spy apps are Phonesheriff and Mobile spy. Both have common features including the ability to track the Android phone, emails, phone calls, websites visited, calendar events and more. Phonesheriff however is a more basic application and cost less than its competitor at just under 50 bucks. The best part about this software is its customer support in which you could actually take up the phone and talk to a representative online. If you are interested in finding out more about this app then go123.

mobile spy software

Mobile spy can also hold its own as an Android sms spy. It gives similar service to the competition but it takes its functions a step further. You would be able to spy on Whatsapp messenger, facebook, twitter and more. The cost of a subscription starts at $49.95USD but that is the most basic one available. This is no worry because this particular program allows you to monitor three Android smart phones with one license. This is excellent for businesses and families alike. If you would like to find out more about how to spy on Android text messages with Mobile spy then  visit

Android tracking apps – A guide on how to track an Android phone

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android phone trackingAre you interested in using Android tracking software but you do not know how or which app you should choose? Well this is the perfect opportunity to find out how to track an Android phone by using this special spy technology. In this overview we will be looking not only at the best software to use to follow the smart phone location but also monitor its activities. This is because this technology does not come with just a tracker feature. Hence you would be able to watch other events such as text messages, call history, websites visited etc. If you are interested then continue reading on about these special programs.

How does it work and help an individual?

In general people use android phone tracking apps to confirm any doubts about their love ones or an individual. When we talk about love ones we are specifically talking about parents who would like to know where their teen is at all times. Is he or she at school or where they are suppose to be? These are the things which go through many of their heads and with an Android tracker app, it is quite easy to confirm their suspicions. Another good example is at the workplace where a job may require the employee to be on the road. Instead of spending a large amount of money installing a gps tracking device in the company vehicle. If the worker has a company issued Android phone then it is easier and cheaper to install these programs instead.

It really is not difficult to do. You just have to first register for the particular android spy app that you wish to use. Download and set it up onto the smart phone you wish by following the instructions given. The android tracking app will then capture the data pertaining to the smart phone and send it to the user online. The person would then see a map pinpointing the device’s exact location.

phonesheriff app

What are my best options?

Presently the best software solution to track a smart phone is Phonesheriff. It comes with quite a few additional features including the ability to spy on Android text messages, call history, calendar events and much more. It costs just around 50 bucks for a subscription which is affordable for most persons. In terms of customer service you could either acquire telephone support or email support depending on which route suites you best. Most persons however; go with the phone support which gives you the answers immediately. In general most apps usually correspond with the user via email which typically takes quite a bit of time. For further details on Phonesheriff  download.

The next option is Mobile spy which is a more advance android monitoring app. It has more features than Phonesheriff including the ability to log key strokes, youtube videos watched and also Whatsapp conversations. In addition it is able to spy on three Android smart phones with just one subscription. The cost is much more being 100 bucks for a year’s subscription but if fully utilized would actually work out a lot less than its competitor. If you are interested in finding out more about Mobile spy Android phone tracking app simply visit

Top Android phone spy apps – What software should I use to monitor an Android smart phone?

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spying on android phone

Are you interested in an Android phone spy app? Do you need a program which is dependable for your situation? Then look no further, because we have a list of the two best apps available online today. Therefore you could easily monitor the Android smart phone of your child or employee easily and see what they are really up to. The software works around the clock which means you will always be current with the individual’s activities. The great thing about them is that these spy apps are easy to use which mean that you do not have to be a technical person to implement them. Actually the only requirement you would need is to be able to install an Android program.

How does an Android phone spy works?  

There are a number of these surveillance programs available on the web however; all function the same way generally. Everything first starts with the registration in which you sign up for a subscription. Typically, the vendor would then send you a list of instructions to follow in order to implement the system. This generally involves downloading the app onto the smart phone via a particular link and then activating it using the special key giving. Immediately it would start running; intercepting and recording various transmissions sent or received.

This information is then uploaded onto a special account which only the user has access to. Therefore the person would simply log on to the account to view the data online. In general, when you are spying on Android phone. There is nothing which can escape you. You could track the Android phone; listen in on phone calls; monitor Whatsapp messenger and much more. This is really dependent on which software was chosen.

What are my best options?

When looking for an Android phone monitoring system your best bet is to go for either Mobistealth or Mobile spy. When compared both have similar features in that both are able to spy on text messages, contact details; call history; photos, videos, appointments, browser history and calendar events. Both also have a special function which would allow the user to track the smart phone remotely using its gps coordinates.

Between the two of them the first choice of Android spy app usually goes to Mobistealth. The main reason being is that it can actually bug the Android phone surroundings and also record its phone conversations. By using these power features there is nothing which the user would be unable to discover. The cost starts at 40 bucks for basic functionality and increases according to the package chosen. For more details it is best to visit

Mobile spy cannot be left out either because one subscription allows the user to monitor three Android smart phones. It actually have more features than its competitor however; not the power functions mentioned earlier. It can do some other neat surveillance such as spying on Whatsapp messenger. The cost is just under 50 dollars for this particular program. If you would like to find out more about this Android phone spy software then visit

Sony Ericsson spy – How to bug a sony Ericson phone

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sony ericsson spyingWhen dealing with Sony Ericsson spy software there are a few things you should be aware of. For starters this technology would not work on any Sony phone which carries the proprietary operating system. However, if you have a mobile which is operating using either Android, Symbian or Windows mobile then you will be fine. Therefore, you will be able to spy on Sony Ericsson models such as Xperia X3, X8 and Vivaz to name a few. The best part of this technology is that it is simple to implement and also relatively inexpensive depending on the functions you choose.

The most difficult part is usually the choice because it can be pretty overwhelming with the type and amount of features which these mobile phone bugging apps have to offer. The best advice which can be given in this scenario is to look for something which can get the job done. Typically, a good basic surveillance app which can track the Sony phone as well as monitor text messages usually does the trick. These are relatively inexpensive however if you need more power than that then you can look to tap the mobile phone (eavesdrop in on phone calls) or more. The most important thing is to use a product which will you think will give you the results you are looking for.

When looking for something basic and affordable then your best option will definitely be Spybubble. It is actually the most preferred Sony Ericsson spy phone on the market today. Its package includes cell phone tracking, call history recording, text message interception, email monitoring, sms surveillance, website or url monitoring and also photo logging. Overall it offers more than enough functions to get the job done and since it is for less than 50 bucks it can pretty much fit into many people budget. For more details about Spy bubble you can                      .

If you are looking to take things a bit further then Flexispy Pro x is definitely the cell phone surveillance app for you. It has similar features to Spybubble however, you will also be able to tap the mobile, use it as a phone bug (listen into the surroundings) and also be notified when the sim card changed. These robust features are not for everyone but if you do use them you can be certain that nothing will be missed. It however will come at a price of $349.99USD. If you would like to find out more about Flexispy Sony Ericsson spy software then

What is the best cell phone sms surveillance software on the market today?

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text messages surveillanceDo you want to be able to read someone’s sms messages without the person knowing? Well your best option presently is to use sms surveillance software. This type of software has been around for a few years and is often used by many people who would like to find out about the truth of their situation. For example if you think your child is becoming involved in drugs; or an employee is involved in espionage then this technology is definitely for you. Text messaging is still a common method of communication and it is almost guaranteed that some incriminating information would at some time be sent over these channels. The only thing you would have to do is to wait for it and everything will be revealed to you in due time.

Before sms surveillance applications existed you would have had to sneak away the phone to actually go through all of the phone’s activities. This involved good timing and a lot of patience to accomplish. The downside to this method is the fact you may eventually get caught and also the person may be deleting the sms messages you are looking for. If the text messages are being erased then really you will have a false sense of security and also would be misinformed. These are some of the headaches that text message surveillance software is immune to and as a result offers a superior solution.

This is because for starters the only time you would need contact with the mobile phone in question is when the program is being installed onto the phone. After that the app would then hide itself and begin surveillance of sms messages being sent and received. Every single communication will then be sent to you through the internet to a special account which only you have access with your particular code. Therefore to see what is going on you just need to log on to your account and everything will be there in front of you to view. The best part is that it does not matter if the message was erased or not because it will all be captured.

The most difficult part of dealing with sms surveillance software is actually in the choice. There are actually quite a few of them available out there and all of them come with additional features as well. You can literally monitor any type of communication which includes listening into a phone call or bbm chat that is why it is sometimes known as cell phone bugging software. However do not get distracted because the more you want then the more you will have to pay. There are some spy software on the market which can cost as much as $500.00 USD. The best thing to do in selecting is to keep it as simple as possible because a good basic app can get you as much intelligence as a complex one.

If you are looking for simplicity and price then Spybubble is definitely for you. As mentioned earlier this type of program can do much more than surveillance on text messages communications. It can also track the cell phone, review the call history, view contact details, intercept emails, track websites visited and also view pictures taken. It gives you additional attributes which can definitely serve  to paint a true picture of your situation. The best part is that it cost just around 50 bucks putting it in the price range of most persons.

If you are interested in finding out more about Spybubble sms interceptor then

How to spy on an iphone using special spyware technology?

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spy-software-for-iphoneIf you would like to spy on an iphone secretly it is very simple to do. Do not worry about the old way which was to sneak the person’s phone away when he or she is not looking because that is the thing of the past. There is now technology which puts this method on the back burner. Therefore you would not have to worry about being caught or getting misinformation (people deleting text messages or call logs). This type of technology is known as iphone surveillance software and it is specially designed to help you spy on someone’s iphone.

Therefore if you are suspicious that your child is skipping school or that your employee is fooling around then this is a good method to find out what is going on. If your suspicions are wrong then you won’t have to wrongfully accuse anyone or do anything else to compromise the relationship. The most important thin is that you will get a piece of mind by knowing the truth.

How does iphone spy apps work?

Well it is easier than you can imagine you just need to ensure that you jailbreak the iphone if it was not done prior. This is a simple step in which you will be allowed to install virtually any non proprietary software onto the mobile. The next step will be to choose a spy app. Each will have their own set of features however the best type will usually consist of two features. These are the ability to track the phone via gps and also to monitor iphone text messages. These two features are enough to discover 95% of what you are looking for. This is because texting is still a common tool used to communicate and many people will leave incriminating evidence in an sms message. The thought is that when I delete it then all the evidence will be destroyed. This is not the case when someone has an iphone spy app installed on the phone because the user will be able to see every single text message whether deleted or not.

The second function which is cell phone tracking is just as powerful because you will know every single movement of the person that is being monitored. Therefore if your husband says he is at work and the software says otherwise you will know better. Heck, you can even go to his location and confront him if necessary. Usually when you combine these two functions you will never need a power house app to spy on any iphone. This will definitely save you a lot of money. If however you like to take a look at our advance cell phone bugging section for more details.

What is a good app to spy on an iphone with?

Spybubble is currently one of the top iphone surveillance apps on the market today. It functions includes iphone tracking; text message monitoring; call logging; picture logging and more. It has seven functions in all which make it an ideal choice for those who need something which is effective and affordable (price $49.99usd). There is quite a bit to say about this software however you would have to read up further.

If you would like to find out more about Spy bubble spyware then .

Iphone spy software- What are the top apps to monitor someone’s iphone?

By , August 7, 2011 2:32 pm

spy phone iphone

When it comes to monitoring another person’s Apple smart phone activities then your best bet is iphone spy software. This is a special app which when installed onto this particular smart phone hides itself and starts to gather information about the phone’s activities. In turn, it will send the data captured to you via the internet to a special web account. In order to see exactly what is going on you just need to go to this account and everything will be shown to you. It is guarded by a security name and password so that only you will be able to view the surveillance data.

This type of software sounds great to most persons however using an iphone spy app requires three conditions. These are:

  • The cell phone is jailbroken (in order to install third party apps)
  • Access to install the app (it will take less that 10 minutes to setup)
  • The iphone must have an internet connection (wifi or data package)

If any of these conditions is missing you will not be able to successfully bug an iphone. Therefore you would definitely have to look for alternative methods to monitor that person.

What can spy software for an iphone do?

This is one of the first questions asked about this surveillance application and the answer to that is anything you can imagine. The most popular features around today is the ability to track the iphone, read the smart phone text messages and also listen in on a phone conversation. The ability of this technology is limitless and it is continuously evolving. The only problem is usually the price because you can pay as little as $49.99USD to as much as $499.99USD to spy on an iphone. Usually the difference in price  depends on the features involved. Typically the more the features then the higher the cost will be to you. The type of features also play a major role as well in which mobile phone tapping can easily drive up the cost by an additional $200USD alone.

What are good programs to use?


When it comes to iphone spy software you will have two choices. A basic app or a powerful one. When it comes to the simple choice then Spybubble usually stands out in which for just $49.99USD you will be able to track the cell phone; log all calls; read the iphone’s text messages; intercept emails; look at the phone contact list; monitor all websites visited and view all pictures taken by the phone.  It has just the right amount of features to really get the job done effectively and efficiently.

If you would like to find out more about Spybubble then  to visit the main website.

If these features are not enough for you then you have an alternative to check out Flexispy. It is the most powerful iphone spy software on the market currently. It carries similar features as Spy bubble however, it can also be used to tap the iphone (listen in on calls) and bug the mobile phone (listen in on its surroundings). The most popular feature is of course is cell phone tapping because many people find it pretty useful to hear exactly what is being said. Flexispy starts at $149.99USD and can cost as much as $349.99USD depending on the features.

To find out more about Flexispy you can

Free cell phone bugging software – How to spy on any cell phone for free

By , July 21, 2011 11:46 am

Do you want to know where to get a free cell phone bugging software from? Currently, there is only one app on the internet today which will allow you to bug a mobile phone for free. By the end of this article you will know exactly which software it is and you will get a link directly to the trial offer. First thing you must know is that you will not be able to use this software forever without spending a cent. You will be able to use it for 7 days without any obligation. This means that if you do discover what is going on with the person you are monitoring before the time is up you will have solved your problems without a dime out of your pocket.

If however you need some more time it is just a matter of paying for a subscription and this start at $49.95USD for this cell phone bugging app.

What can this cell phone bugging app do?

The app mentioned earlier name is Mobile spy and it is one of the oldest phone surveillance programs on the market today. It features include:

  • Monitoring text messages
  • Cell phone gps tracking
  • Phone book detail
  • Photo logging (see all pictures taken by the phone)
  • Call logging
  • Email interception
  • Calendar logging (memos etc)
  • Website logging

This software has enough features to keep you abreast of what is going on with the person you are monitoring. Unlike other software out there which gives you limited features with their trial version, this free cell phone bugging software give you the full features. Therefore what you see will be what you get if you decide to pay for the subscription.

There are additional benefits from going the road of a subscription. This includes the ability to monitor three separate smart phones and also if you choose the one year subscription you will get a free computer bugging program as well. This means you will be able to know what is going on with the person’s phone as well as pc. In this scenario there is nothing which will escape you.

How do I get started?

To start to bug a cell phone for free using Mobile spy you just need to . From there you just follow the instructions outlined in the procedures manual and that is it.

Text message monitoring software – What app is the best to monitor sms messages?

By , July 20, 2011 10:14 pm

text message spyText message monitoring software is a small robust program which will allow you to read someone’s sms messages unknown to the user of the mobile. This type of surveillance technology has been around for years now and depending on which brand you purchase, you will be allowed to monitor the text messages of the majority of smart phones on the market today. This includes Blackberry, Iphone, Windows mobile, Symbian, Android and others.

The only trick to using this technology is to get the spy app installed onto the mobile you would like to bug. If you cannot install the text message monitoring software onto the mobile then your chances to spy on the person will go to zero and you would have to look at an alternative means to do your surveillance. Currently there is no method in which you can bug a cell phone remotely as yet.

What other functions can I get?

You would not usually find software which would monitor sms messages alone. You will also be able to acquire other surveillance functions such as tracking a cell phone; reading emails correspondence; logging all websites visited and more. You can get a range of simple features to the most advanced features around. However, most people tend to stick to the basic text message monitoring applications and features.

Typically if you are able to spy on the person’s sms messages and track their locations via gps; that is usually enough to find out what you really need. This is especially when it comes to infidelity in the relationship or employee espionage.

What is good text message monitoring software?

If you need an app which can do both simple and advanced features then Mobistealth is the way to go. It actually comes in three packages which will allow you to do the basic features such as monitoring text messages or the more advanced ones such as listening in on cell phone calls. You just choose the package which suits your needs whether it is the lite, pro or pro x version and you will be good to go. The price range for this product starts at $39.99USD and can go as high as $249.99USD depending on the package choosing.

If you are interested in finding out more about this text message monitoring app then

Blackberry tracking software – Track any Blackberry phone via gps positioning

By , July 20, 2011 10:43 am

blackberry tracker appBlackberry tracking software has a variety of purposes for example you may want to protect your cell phone against theft or maybe you want to watch a love one’s movement. It doesn’t matter what is the reason, your goal will be to key abreast of the location of the Blackberry at any point of time. The great part about Blackberry tracking software is that it remains hidden on this smart phone so that the person using it at the time will not have a clue that you are monitoring their movements.

It is pretty simple to use as well. The only thing which needs to be done is to install it on the target mobile in question. This is similar to installing any other type program; generally it takes less than ten minutes to download and configure on the Blackberry. The only thing which you must ensure to get the data is that the smart phone has a gps chip and also has internet connectivity.

What else can you do besides track a Blackberry phone?

When you decide to bug a Blackberry phone you will be able to monitor a number of phone activities besides watching its every movement. It is possible to intercept Blackberry text messages, bbm communications, calls, emails and more. It really comes down to what features you will like and also how much you are willing to pay for them.

Generally, if you go for a simple Blackberry tracking app usually that is enough to discover what you are looking for.  The advance features are nice but it does not make sense spending hundreds of dollars when you can get by for just a few bucks.

What is a recommended tracker program?

The best software to track a Blackberry phone is Mobistealth. It comes in two different versions which are Lite and Pro. Therefore you will have a choice in how far you will carry your surveillance. The price starts at $39.99USD and can go as high as $149.99USD depending on the package chosen. In terms of features it gives you the most bang for buck out there when compared with other surveillance apps.

If you would like to find out more about this Blackberry tracking app then

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