Cell phone tapping software – Learn to listen into a cell phone conversation with the right app

By , June 5, 2011 6:27 pm

tap a cell phoneCell phone tapping software is usually associated with spy movies like James bond or Mission Impossible. It gives the user of the app the power to eavesdrop on phone calls without the owner of the device having a clue to what is actually going on. Therefore you won’t have to be like that lady in the pic on the right who is trying to hear what her husband husband is chatting about.  Everything can be done remotely from another cell phone.

Although the primary focus of these programs is listening in on mobile phone conversations, they can also intercept other forms of communications. Therefore if you would like to monitor text messages, Blackberry messenger chat or the person’s gps location then that is quite possible. The great part is that these features are actually built into the cell phone tapping app therefore there is no additional costs incurred.

Can anyone use cell phone tapping software?

At one point software which enables you to tap a cell phone was only available to those surveillance authorities such as police, FBI etc. However, today access to this technology is available to everyone. You might not know where to find it but it is there and this is the purpose of this tutorial. You will be exposed to some of the best programs out there when it comes to bugging a mobile phone. Therefore for those people who would like to find out if their partner is cheating or need to keep an eye on their kids it is possible.

You do not even have to be a technical person to use cell phone tapping software; you are just required to know the basics of downloading and setting up general software on that particular mobile. Once you can do that then installing it onto the phone will take you a few minutes. You would be up and running in no time.

What is recommended?

There are really only two programs out there which will allow you to bug a cell phone. These are Flexispy and Spyera. Both of these cell phone tapping apps carry virtually the same features. There function includes:

  • Listening in to cell phone conversations
  • Spy phone calling (the ability to listen in to the surroundings of the mobile)
  • Blackberry messenger monitoring
  • Text message interception
  • Gps tracking
  • Email logging
  • Remote control and uninstall feature
  • Sim change notification
  • Call logging

The significant differences between these two apps are in the price, phone compatibility and customer service. Flexispy in terms of customer service ranks higher because this website actually allows you to communicate with customer service via live chat. Any problems literally can be resolved within minutes oppose to the ticketing system. Its price is also less than its competitor in terms of a year subscription. Therefore it is usually the first choice when it comes to cell phone tapping software because of the reasons mentioned previously.

However this does not leave Spyera gold out of the running because its strong point is compatibility. In other words it currently can work with more smart phones than Flexispy and also in terms of development tends to be ahead of the game. Therefore the ideal situation to purchase this app is when you are spying on someone who will tend to change phones regularly. Also, Spyera offers a 3 month, 6month and 12 months subscription. This means if you have no need to tap a cell phone for a year you can definitely save a few bucks.

If you would like to more information about Flexispy then .

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