How to track someone’s cell phone secretly

By , June 27, 2011 11:17 pm

track someones locationDo you want to know how to track someone’s cell phone but you do not know where to start? Well it is actually easier than you may think provided you have a special app known as cell phone tracker. This type of app does not cost much and once installed onto the target phone you will know everywhere the user has been. Therefore if you are a parent who want to keep an eye on their teen or someone who would like to know where their employee is at all times. This technology will definitely be for you. The best part is that it is hidden on the person’s mobile so they would not have a clue that you are tracking their cell phone.

How does this technology works?

In order to track someone’s cell phone you must ensure that the mobile targeted has a functioning gps chip. A gps chip allows a phone via satellites orbiting the earth to know its exact earth coordinates. Therefore if you were to take those coordinates (longitude and latitude) you can then apply them to a mapping program in order to see that person’s exact location on a map.

This is the basis of a cell phone tracker application. Once it is installed onto the phone it will secretly capture those gps coordinates and then send them to you. Typically the cell phone bugging software you purchased would then use its built in mapping software on those points. The result would be a map of the location that the mobile is located which includes street names, building names etc. The actual position of the a marker to indicate the person’s cell phone location. Please see the map below.

gps map

What is the best software to track someone’s cell phone?

If you are looking for a neat program to track a cell phone then you should look at the Spybubble option. Although you came to monitor the person’s gps locations you will also get additional features with this software. These include the ability to intercept their text messages; log all incoming and outgoing calls; track the websites visited; photo capturing; contact details and also email monitoring. It may be more than expected but it is best to use these additional functions to your advantage. The additional functionality will definitely help you to discover more about what is going on with the person you are watching. Spy bubble costs $49.95USD  to register but it is really worth it especially when tracking someone’s cell phone.

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